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NY Climate Advocacy Project's
Policy Positions

We call on the New York State Governor, the legislature and state agencies to take urgent and bold action. New York with our large economy and talented workforce has an opportunity to innovate and help lead the way to a sustainable future. 

New York Climate Advocacy Project strongly opposes S6030 on the grounds that it undermines New York's climate law by allowing increased greenhouse gas emissions through the weakening of accounting rules to measure emissions, and by exempting emissions from biofuels and biomass from being included in the accounting. 

Sheridan Hollow Alliance for Renewable Energy supports including the Renewable Capitol Act and the UpGradeNY proposal to transition all state-owned buildings to renewables and include funding to develop plans in this years budget.

The New York State Scoping Plan developed by the Climate Action Council is an outline of how New York can meet our climate goals as outlined in New York's climate law. Although there are great recomendations in the plan, New York Climate Advocacy project calls for a detailed plan with timelines and enforcement measures. 

The climate crisis demands bold and urgent action to ensure that future generations will have a future. The New York State Legislature and Governor must become climate leaders.

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