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Fighting fossil fuel expansion in New York communities


New York Climate Advocacy Project (NY Climate) opposes all new fossil fuel infrastructure. Currently, we are fighting, along with Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline, National Grid's Albany Loop E37 pipeline. If built it would expand gas consumption in the capital district for years to come..

Environmental Justice


When New York State proposed building a new fracked gas powerplant in Sheridan Hollow just blocks from the Capitol in Albany, NY Climate members helped to form the Sheridan Hollow Alliance for Renewable Energy (SHARE) a coalition of community members and climate organizations that successfully stopped the plant. SHARE and NYCAP continue to advocate for renewable power for the NYS Capitol and for Sheridan Hollow, a predominately Black and people of color neighborhood. 

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Divest NY Teachers


In fall of 2019, students took to the streets by the thousands to demand action on climate. At the same time the NYS Teachers Retirement System (NYSTRS) that teachers depend on for their pensions, had billions invested in climate destroying fossil fuels. NY Climate along with Divest NY founded Divest NY Teachers, a committee of teachers, students and climate advocates demanding the NYSTRS divest all its holdings from fossil fuels. Sign our petition here.

Networking and Training


We work closely with local and statewide climate networks and help new activists hook up with climate organizations in their community. We oversee United Against Fossil Fuels, a network of frontline communities and climate activists fighting fossil fuels in communities across the state. The Capital Area Climate Network, founded by NY Climate brings together local groups in New York's capital district. We partner with and provide support to the youth led New York Youth Climate Leaders.

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New York Policy Solutions

Our Policy Agenda calls for New York to fund a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy, divest the NY Common Retirement Fund and the NYS Teachers Retirement System from fossil fuels and stop funding fossil fuel subsidies.

We are available to present to schools, college classes and community groups on a variety of topics about climate activism and policy: Here are a few topics:

  • NY's New Climate Law 

  • Policy Solutions for New York

  • How to Lobby on Climate

  • Climate Justice for Environmental Justice Communities

  • Climate Activism 101

  • False Solutions Promoted by the Fossil Fuel Industry