NY Climate Advocacy Project stands in solidarity with protesters in Minnesota, across New York State and across the nation who are demanding an end to the police violence that is terrorizing Black communities adn communities of color

Black lives matter

We demand justice for George Floyd, who was brutally murdered by Minnesota Police officers on May 25 and the countless others who for decades have been victims of police violence. We call for the full prosecution of all officers involved in the May 25 murder and similar heinous acts, for compensation to their families and communities, and for an end to militarized police and other practices that lead to the victimization of communities of color through police violence.

Police brutality is part of the same system that leads to more Black and Brown people dying or being hospitalized with Covid, suffering from asthma and cancer caused by environmental degradaton fo their communities, and haveing their lives devastaed by climate destruction as in the case of superstorms Sandy and Irene. 

There can be no environmental justice without racial justice. As we recover from this pandemic, we must build a new society that honors Black and Brown lives and our planet. Punishment and violence can no longer be wielded under the banner of ";public safety", environmental degradation and climate destruction can no longer hide behind the viel of "economic growht and prosperity" . Our new economy must prioritize people and the planet and we must ensure that the people and communities most affected by state violence and climate destruction benefit most form recovery efforts.